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ISO is totally fake

22. February 2019

A couple of days ago I watched a video om YouTube with Tony Northrup.

In digital photography ISO is about the sensitivity of the sensor, but basically ISO stands for International Standard Organisation, and it sets standards for many things.

ISO should be a thing that can be trusted by the consumer, but according to Tony Northrup most of the camera manufactors manipulate with the ISO numbers.

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Balinese prayer

6. January 2019.

My wife and I went to Bali in August 2018. At the same timeI it was a wonderful and scaring review,

because there was a lot of earthquakes. I will stick to the positive things here.

Every day on Bali the balinese women pray and make offerings.

They are so graceful in their sincerity when they try to maintain a balance between the the gods and the demons.


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Luminar AI Sky Enhancer Filter

9. November 2018.

My favourite plug-in for Photoshop is Luminar 2018. Almost every image pass here through.

Skylum has just released a new update to Luminar 2018 containing a new filter called AI Sky Enhancer.

It can be a great help and very time saving in many situations. It works as follows:

If Luminar can detect a sky, it makes a mask that protects the rest of the image and the effect only appears in the sky.

I have tried different settings, and below follows my opinion.

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Rømø Motor Festival 2017

19. April 2018.

Around 1920 a beach race took place on the island of Fanø on the west coast of Denmark.On many of the beaches you are allowed to drive on the wide straight beaches with a hard surface.


In 2016 some danish retro car enthusiasts reinvented the old Fanø Motor Festival. Instead of Fanø it now takes place on Rømø – an island on the south west coast of Denmark.

It takes place in the first weekend of September. If you live in or close to Denmark, You should defenitly go there.

The cars or motorcycles must be from before ww2. The festival homepage is

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Additional Luminar problems

04. February 2018.

About a month ago I wrote about initial problems with Luminar 2018.

I bought Luminar because it lets you do a lot of correction in justone working procedure.

I can not do without Photoshop, so I wanted to use Luminar as a plug-in to PS.

In doing so there were many problems from the beginning. Only about 25% of the times I succeded to get from PS to Luminar, putting on an effect and come back to PS.

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YouTube inspiration

01. February 2018.

From time to time we all need inspiration to what we do. I have been member of clubs and groups, but in recent years I have worked more or less alone.

When I need information or inspiration, I often turn to YouTube.

 At first you find many channels excellent, but with time you discover negative things. The most important is that the persons behind the channels are paid by the manufactors to promote the products. Nothing works without people getting paid for what they do, but try to filtrate the information. Not every word is true – that much truth doesn’t excist.

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Luminar 2018

30. December 2017

The compagny Macphun or now Skylum came up in november 2017 with a Windows version of their popular Luminar for Mac.

I read about it, saw videos on YouTube and dowloaded the beta version. The way to do things was new and alternative.

I have now used it on my PC for more than a month, and want to tell you my opinion about the product. Press >Read more< below.

Screen shot of Luminar

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Fanø Kite Festival 2017

02. July 2017

Every year in June there is a big kite festival on the island of Fanø at the west coast of Denmark.

The conditions here are ideal with a lot of wind from the North Sea, and cars are allowed to drive on the beach.

To get to Fanø you have to take the ferry from Esbjerg. We brought our bikes to be more flexible.

An impressive view is opening up, when we enter the beach. The sky was filled with kites.

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NIK Collection

30. April 2017

Google Nik Collection Software is now free for download.

It's a little old news, but has to be mentioned anyways. This amazing filter plug-in collection for Lightroom and Photoshop is now downloadble for free.

The different filters offer both global and local adjustments for images.

Google has a YouTube Channel where you can learn. Go to channel 

You can download Nik Collection here

BW or Color

20. April 2017

Showing your image in color or black and white?

This is a very big theme with no truth. My opinion to the theme comes here. 

 Back in the good old analogue days, black and white was the main thing for me.

It changed with digital photography. I'm still fond of black and white but choose from image to image.

By examples from a trip to Rome, I'll tell you about my considerations.

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13.January 2017.

Mid October 2016 my wife and I went to Lisbon for 10 days. As usual we were well prepared. I had searched the Internet for information. 

Some things differ Lisbon from other capitals. The pastel colored and tile decorated buildings, the narrow streets with old trams, wonderful historic attractions and the cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

A lot of viewpoints are spread all over the city, from where you can enjoy the view.

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21. May 2016

Welcome to my blog!

From time to time I intend to write about photography here.

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