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I  live with my wife in a small town called Vojens in the south of Denmark near the border to Germany. I am from a time, where babies were made of solid materials. Born in 1944 and have been dealing seriously with photography since the beginning of the 70´ies. Retired since 2007.

I stand for pure and honest photography, and my main theme is people - the most complex thing on the planet. Meeting people as a photographer also give me values and social connections.  I consider myself mainly as a street photographer and not a travel photographer even if most of my images on this site come from traveling.


 Here you can watch images with many different themes.  As mentioned people inspire me, and the number of types are numerous. Having sense of humour is important for a person.




A good photograph must contain a message, tell a story or just be technically delicate. You must be able to return to it, enjoy again or find new angles in the story. An image is always an abstraction, because a 2-dimensional slice has been cut out of the 3-dimensional reality. When you press the button, the manipulation starts.


In the beginning of this century, I stopped working analogue. I was not fond of darkroom work, but I love the computer work in digital photography. In 2015 I took up pure street photography. My cameras are a Nikon DSLR, and an Olympus Pen E-P5 with a couple of lenses, which is optimal for street photography.


 Within photography I have a friend, Christian Guldager. With him I have made slideshows with sound. To be mentioned is a show about having a dog, a show about the modern human in his own absurd world, and a show about showing feelings figuratively. We also make common projects. To be mentioned is Rømø Motor Festival in September 2017, where we covered old cars racing on the beach.


Family selfie from mid 70'ies 


With Christian I also arrange exhibitions. At our local museum we have ten times arranged "The Golden", which is a censured FIAP-exhibition with around 600 accepted works. 


I am a member of an unofficial group of photographers called "Fotosyndikatet". With the photographers Marianne Skovby Christensen, Leif Christensen, Erik Holmgaard, Peter Klode and myself. We join one or two times a year to have a good time together and share our common interest in photography.



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